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Scoreboard Reports allow you to create customized compilations of charts, tables, comment text, and raw data that are sent by email to selected recipients on a scheduled basis. As with charts, they can be viewed without logging in using a URL and can be embedded in other HTML pages you create. Reports are updated with live data as it becomes available.

Use the Reports link at the bottom of the Scoreboard page to administer your custom reports. A list of existing reports is displayed.

From this view you can Edit any report format, or delete a report format. You can also view individual reports by date, or delete individual reports.

Creating Reports

To create a report, click the Create tab. The Configure Scoreboard Report page is displayed.

1 Add Basic Information

Begin report creation by entering a report title, frequency (Run Every), start date and hour, and email recipient(s). (Multiple report recipients can be added, separated by commas.)

As you add sections to the report, additional information will be required, depending on the types of information sections you add.

2 Add Information Sections

Next, select the type of content you want for the report from the Add Section drop-down list. You can add any number of sections to a report.

These information types are available: Chart, Table, 1-7-30-90 day periods, all metrics, Chart plus Table, and Comments.

Chart - A trend chart.

Report formats: Chart

Table - A data table.

Report formats: Table

1-7-30-90 day periods, all metrics - A table providing high level data for each of four time spans.

Report formats: 1-7-30-90 day periods, all metrics

Chart plus Table - Basic chart plus table with matching data.

Comments - A section where you can add any text you want to the report.

Changing the Order of Sections

You can change the order of the sections after they have been added. Section numbering starts with 0 (zero).

3 Add Report Details for Each Section

Depending on the type of information section you add, you need to supply report details to complete configuring the report.

Specify Target

To complete configuring a report you need to enter information about the target and the agent locations whose data you want used in the report, as well as the page (for transactions) and metrics you want included.

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