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Events store Scoreboard views, allowing you to examine the data you are currently viewing at a later time. Events let you capture views of interest for subsequent diagnosis and investigation of performance issues.

Events store the data cell that has the current focus. When you create an Event, a custom time period is created that matches the time period for the current view. Optionally you can add a text annotation to an event to aid in subsequent investigation. Just as in charts and reports, you can reference an event using a supplied URL without logging in; this is useful if you want to email the information to someone for investigation.

Use the Events link in the Tools menu at the bottom of the page to capture the current view into an event, to display stored events, and to administer events.

Capturing Events

To capture a currently displayed view of interest into an Event, click the Events link at the bottom of the Scoreboard page. A list of stored Events is displayed.

To create a new Event from the current view, click the Create tab.

A page is displayed where you can enter information about the event, including an owner, event id, service request, status, type, priority, and analysis text. Use these fields to help document the Event for later analysis.

If you select the Use Absolute Time Period option, the Event you create will include the exact time period that you had specified for this view. This is useful for later analysis of a performance issue.

If you deselect the Absolute Time Period option, then the Event will be based on a relative, floating time period. For example, if the time period for the view was last four hours, and the Event does not use the absolute time period, the data shown when the Event is viewed later will be based on the four hours previous to viewing the Event. This can be useful if you have a specific view of data that you want to save for later re-use.

Click Update when you have finished entering information.

Displaying, Editing, and Deleting Events

Once you have created an event, you can view any event by clicking the Events link at the bottom of the Scoreboard and clicking the Display link next to the Event you are interested in. You can also click Edit to make changes to the Event, or Delete to delete it.

You can use the URL in the Event list to refer others to the Event.

Last revised: 16 December 2004

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